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Revenue Recovery

Kerala Revenue Recovery Act 1968 empowers the District Collector, to recover the Government dues as noticed in the Act from the defaulter residing in the district having property.

1. Requisition Authorities who do not have userid may check RA Nodal Officers List link in this page and contact respective nodal officer. If nodal officer details are not found, RA may request Department Head to nominate a state level nodal officer and inform CLR and NIC (lrbclrtvm@gmail.com, clrb2clerk@gmail.com).

2.Contact Details.
State Level Nodal Officer:
Phone: 8078537084
E-mail: clrb2clerk@gmail.com
Help Desk:
Phone: 9605084244
E-mail: clrb2clerk@gmail.com
RA Nodal Officers:
Requisitioning Authorities may contact RA Nodal Officers for all user requirements.

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